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Name Asama Volcano Park
Established 1963.8.8 Asama park officially opened August 8, 1963
1967.4.18 Asama volcano museum officially opened April 18, 1967
Address 〒377-1405
Kitakaruizawa, Naganoharamachi, Agatsuma-gun, Gunma
TEL:0279-86-3000 FAX:0279-86-3001


上The Asama highland in the middle of Joshinetsu national park is an important tourist spot, famous for its huge area and surrounding hot springs. In particular,Asama Ranch and Onioshidashi receive the most visitors.
The Naganohara has developed tourist facilities between Asama Ranch and Onioshidashi to provide a healthy recreation environment for a healthy life. The town has also established a national park including a volcano museum and volcano walk (natural pavement) in order to promote understanding and knowledge of science and nature .

Mt. Asama and Asama highland

Mt. Asama is an active volcano 2568 meters high, and is located on the border between Tsumagoi village in Gunma prefecture and Karuizawa town in Nagano prefecture.

The Asama highland surrounding Mt. Asama is at an altitude of between 1000 meters and 1500 meters. Its large virgin forest is home to Tsukinowaguma bears and Kamoshika deers. The area is popular for holiday homes and is known for its highland vegetables.

Asama Volcano Park is located in the middle of Onioshidashi, the largest scenic area in the Asama highland. As part of the national park, the Volcano Walk nature trail and Asama volcano museum introducing Mt. Asama volcano and the plants and wildlife of the highland.


Altitude 1350 - 1430m
Temperature Average 8℃, Highest 27℃, Lowest -21℃
Deepest snow 60cm
first frost / last frost Mids-September / Late June
Frost-free period 100days in the year
Snow-covered period Mid-December – Early April
Geological features Ejecta of Asama Volcano

Plants and birds

On the 2.5 km Volcano walk across the lava from the 1783 eruption, it is possible to see the following plants and birds.

Plants Black crowberry, Rhododendron tschonoskii, Arctericanana, Galearis fauriei, Schizocodon soldanelloides Hakusan rhododendron, Alpine azalea, Cassiope lycopodioides, Bilberry, Leucothoe grayana, Northern bilberry, Mountain asha rowan, Menziesia pentandra, Panicled hydrangea, Liparis krameria, Acer ukurunduense Rhododendron keiskei, Tripetaleia paniculate, Menziesia multiflora, Patrinia palmata, Luminous moss.
Birds Common cuckoo, Grey wagtail, Great tit, Cuculus optatus, brown‐eared bulbul, Nuthatch, Grey nightjar, Troglodytidae, Black-faced bunting, Swift, Turdus chrysolaus, Sparrow, Dendrocopos major, A bush warbler Starling, Japanese Pygmy Woodpecker, Phylloscopus xanthodryas, Jay, Asian house martin, Poecile montanus meadow bunting, Olive-backed pipit, Coal tit, A bullfinch


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