The history of Asama Park
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Illustrated History of Asama park.

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History of Asama Park

1954, December Business Approval for Onioshidashi area.
1960 Asama ranch parking area completed.
1961 Asama Line (municipal road) construction begins.
1962 Asama-en parking area completed.
1963 Nature study road, Onioshi bridge, Asama bridge, management office and 7 stores completed.
       August 8th Opening ceremony
1964, April Construction of observation deck and museum begins.
1967, April 18th Inauguration and opening ceremony
       April 19th Start of commercial operation.
       June 12th Visit by seismic researchers from 11 countries.
       July 21st Visit by governor of Gunma prefecture.
1968, August 30th Visit by imperial prince Hironomiya.
1969, August 1st Camp site opens.
       August 19th Visit by minister of finance.
1970, July 8th Visit by Japan Small Scale Water Works Association
       October 9th Park monument installed
Visit by seismic researchers from 11 countries
1972, June 26th Paving of Asama line completed.
        August 31st Visit by imperial prince.
1973, February 1st Eruption of Mt. Asama.
       May 22nd Asama seismometer observations begin.
       August 20th Seven shelters installed.
       August 26th Wireless radio station installed.
1974, April 20th Museum improvement work started.
1975, April 1st Entrance price revised from 100yen to 300yen.
       December 25th Construction of shopping area.
1977, March 25th Refurbishment of viewpoint area (museum extension and office relocation)
       July 30th Viewpoint construction(iron and wood).
       August 10 year anniversary ceremony.
1978, May 31st Construction to extend museum exhibition area.
1979, July 15th Construction to extend museum exhibition area.
       December 22nd Family ski area construction. (Landscaping, ski-lift, electrical installation)
1980, June 30th Lawn extended. (Landscaping, planting, water supply work)
1981, August 9th 1st Asappu concert(2,000 attendees)
1982, April 26th Early morning eruption of Mt. Asama.
        August 1st 2nd Asappu concert.(1,000 attendees)
       October,2nd Small eruption.
1983, April 26th Early morning eruption of Mt. Asama.
       August 3rd Asappu concert.
1984, July 31st 4th Asappu concert.
1985, June 30th Reconstruction of entrance hall. (Fire alarms installed, 162㎡.)
1986, July 20th Video projector system completed.
1987, July 31st Reconstruction of camp site.
1988, December 29th Automated fire alarm improvements.
1989, June 1st Asama memorial hall opens,revised entrance price revised from 300yen to 500yen.
1990, December 15th Electrical construction and snow machine installed. (600v,150 buried)
1991, October 30th Survey the land form.
1992, August 20th Renovation of museum, restaurant, and shops starts.
1993, April 30th Renovation of museum, restaurant, and shops finished.
      June 20th Surveillance camera installed.
      June 26th Inauguration ceremony of Asama volcano museum.
Visit by imperial prince Akisinonomiya and his wife.
      July 1st Asama volcano museum, restaurant, and shops reopen.
      October 1st Explanation panels installed on nature study road.
1994, August 11th Free rest area opened.
1996, March 31st Basic business plan of Asama-en decided.
      August 5th Exhibition: “Excavation of Tenmei-era agricultural community”(until 25th)
      August 7th Asama volcano forum.
      August 8th 30 year anniversary ceremony.
      2016, September Asama north area certificated as Japanese geopark. Becomes visitor center.
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